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Belgian Baggies

With one of these oak or beech and saddle-leather hand-crafted baggie slung from your shoulder you are the most distinguished man or woman in town!


These strikingly beautiful personalized works of art, finished with boat varnish and authentic bridle-buckles, are high-quality for a lifetime use, as well as being of great aesthetic and spiritual value.

Welcome to the world of

Tuyttens baggies!


Each baggie has its own character, but all share the Circle representing Unity, Wholeness and Infinity – in fact no beginning or end, no sides or corners. These space-age bags also suggest Perfect Imperfection and Endless Movement.
When not carrying yours, you feel there is something missing.

The designer has deliberately built in the Golden Ratio and a minor notion of the number ‘three’.

Some bags are made of oak, symbolizing courage and power, immortal life and the connection between heaven and earth. Others are made of beech – queen of forests, graceful and sophisticated, exuding warmth, comfort and reliability.

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Tuyttens baggies are UNISEX, respected and admired by everyone who sees them.

All profit from their sale goes towards the Treatment and Care of people with Addictions, thus contributing to a joyful, healthier and purer world !